Dubai court upholds five-year jail sentence for gang who robbed villa and tied up family

The six men stole cash, watches and a diamond ring worth more than Dh1.1 million

The ruling by the Dubai Court of Appeal against six men who broke into a home on New Year’s Day is subject to appeal within 30 days. Photo: The National
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A group of men who raided a villa and assaulted people living there, before fleeing with cash and valuables worth Dh1.1 million (USD300,000), have had their five-year jail sentences upheld by the Dubai Court of Appeal.

The six men from Tajikistan, aged between 25 and 36, broke into the home in Al Barsha at 3am on New Year’s Day. They had arrived in the country only days before committing the crime.

The gang threatened sleepy family members with a hammer and knife and used plastic handcuffs to detain them.

They were all masked and carrying hammers and knives. They hit me on my forehead, tied my hands and muzzled my mouth with tape
Victim statement per court records

They stole Dh450,000 in cash, two watches worth Dh340,000 and a diamond ring worth Dh400,000.

Four members of the gang were arrested in the UAE while two escaped from the country.

The four were initially sentenced to five years in jail and ordered to pay a fine of Dh1.1 million. The verdict was upheld in the appeals court last Wednesday.

They will be deported after serving their jail terms.

Court records showed that one of the victims was sleeping when the six men startled him by entering his bedroom.

“They were all masked and carrying hammers and knives," the victim said.

"They hit me on my forehead, tied my hands and muzzled my mouth with tape.

“They were searching for money and valuables.”

His daughter, 5, who was sleeping in the same room, witnessed the robbery.

“They left the house and I went to the second floor, where I saw my brother and his wife tied and muzzled,” the victim said.

“We alerted Dubai Police after managing to free our hands”.

Dubai Police carried out an investigation and managed to identify and detain the perpetrators within 24 hours.

A policeman said the first man was arrested in Deira and the other three were detained while trying to leave the country.

“The arrested suspects admitted to the robbery and claimed they climbed the villa’s wall and broke into the house through the maid’s room window,” said the policeman.

“They stole cash, mobile phones, watches, a diamond ring and smart watches.”

Dubai Police managed to recover part of the cash and valuables stolen.

The men were charged with robbery and locking the family members inside their villa.

The verdict will be subject to appeal within 30 days.

Updated: August 19, 2022, 2:45 PM