Dhu Al Hijja 12 – Fifth Day of Haj, 2012

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The last and for many the most emotional day of Haj. It is the culmination of years spent praying and saving money to come to this blessed sight.

After successfully completing all Hajj rites, pilgrims depart Mina and return to Mecca before the sunset prayer to farewell the Kaaba with a final round of seven circuits. Pilgrims are then encouraged to leave Mecca, some will continue their stay in Saudi Arabia and visit the Prophet Mohammad's mosque in Medina while others will immediately head to the airport and return home to their families. After bonding over a tumultuous five days, pilgrims tearfully bid farewell to each other. They may have only known each other for a few days, but these are strong bonds that last a lifetime; everybody remembers their "Haj buddy." Pilgrims leave Mecca with feelings of spiritual renewal because, as the Prophet Mohammad said, "whoever goes to Haj without obscenity, he or she will be forgiven as [a] new born."

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