Cat-throwing teenager released without charge

Emirati teenager walks free as parents pledge that there will be no repeat of the incident where he threw a cat against a wall and left it to die.

AJMAN // The Emirati teenager filmed throwing a cat against a wall has been released without charge by Ajman Police.

After the video was posted online and provoked anger among social media users and animal lovers, Ajman Police received a report from a woman who had raised a Dh10,000 reward for anyone who could identify the boy in the video.

The teenager, known as Mohammed, was arrested and taken with his parents to Ajman City Police Station for questioning, said Maj Ibrahim Ali Al Shihi, acting director of the station, who did not elaborate on the reason why no charges were brought.

“While questioning him, he said that he just threw the cat and his friend filmed the video and sent it to a group on social media and this is how the video was published unintentionally,” he said.

“The boy was guaranteed and released, and his parents pledged that there would be no repeat [of the incident].”

Maj Al Shihi said it was the first time the police station had had to deal with such an unusual incident.

He asked parents to urge their children to be kind to animals.

Dr Susan Aylott, a volunteer with Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi, said more could be done to punish young people too young to be prosecuted by law for mistreating animals.

“It is hard to believe this individual has been allowed to get away with this act, [perhaps] because he is under 18,” she said.

“There should be a legal animal abuse register to record the details of young people who are involved so incidents can be correlated with any other violent incidents in future, when that person becomes an adult and can then be prosecuted.

“There is no punishment in this case, which is very wrong.

“There should at least be some sort of community service punishment to send out the right message that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

“He should be made to do some supervision work in an animal sanctuary to understand more about compassion towards animals, rather than violence, said Dr Aylott.

“If someone does act like this and they are under 18 and cannot be prosecuted, the parents should also take responsibility and be made accountable.

“He should be banned from owning any animals in future because of what he has done.”

Published: September 15, 2016 04:00 AM


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