Cat dies after being locked in car for hours in Abu Dhabi

Animal activists issue warning to pet owners after the feline was left in the heat

Rosy pictured as she receives medical treatment after being locked in a hot car for hours. Courtesy Natalie Stones
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The death of a cat that was left in a car for hours has prompted outrage among animal welfare groups who have called on owners to take better care of their pets.

The animal welfare group, Animal Action UAE, shared the news on its Facebook page saying the cat, named Rosy, died of overheating after being left in the car outside Dalma Mall on Tuesday for two hours.

The owner had left Rosy in the car with the window slightly opened and a bowl of water – not realising that she was being put in harms way.

Passers-by heard the cat wailing through the small gap in the window and managed to unlock the door. They took Rosy to the vet and called police to track down the owner, according to the post.

Initially, the owner believed the cat had been stolen from the car.

“This is a lesson to all pet owners, never to leave your child, cat or dog or any other pets in a car where the AC is not running. And if you have to leave your pet with the AC running, please check on them every few minutes and place yourself in the car,” said Natalie Stones, co-founder of the group.

“This death was not one of intentional malice, but of not understanding how hot a car could get.”

Rosy suffered seizures and neurological symptoms as a result of the traumatic experience. Her injuries included kidney failure and severely burned pads on her feet.

“The cat was heard screaming in the parking lot through the small gap left in the window,” said Ms Stones.

“When the cat was getting worse and seemed almost lifeless, they finally managed to unlock the car door using a small gap in the window.”

One of the group’s volunteers was among the people who rescued Rosy.

“With no one showing up and the cat needing urgent care, our volunteer took her into her car and drove to the vet, not knowing if she would make it,” said Ms Stones.

The cat suffered seizures throughout the night before sadly dying.

Ms Stones also urged pet owners not to walk their dogs on hot surfaces during the day as it could burn the pads on their paws.

Under UAE law, people who are found guilty of committing animal cruelty can face fines or even a jail sentence.