Brothers issue death threats to businessman, Dubai court hears

Two men told the court they witnessed the brothers assaulting and threatening the man

Two brothers threatened to kill a businessman if he did not sign off a number of cheques for them, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

On August 8, the Indian victim, 45, was in the office of the two Indian defendants, aged 34 and 38, when they began arguing.

“We have a trading business together but I didn't want to sign on any cheques for it and on the day of the incident, I went to their office in Business Bay for some related work matters when the two started arguing with me and asking me to sign,” the businessman said in court records.

“When I refused, they said that they are six brothers and can kill me easily if I didn't do what they wanted,” he said.

Two men, also Indians, told the court they witnessed the argument and heard the two brothers threatened the man with death.

“The younger brother even assaulted the victim and shoved him before the two made the threats,” said a 34-year-old witness.

In court on Sunday, the two denied a charge of issuing death threats.

The next hearing will be held on March 25.

Published: March 12, 2018 01:42 PM