Abu Dhabi Police warn of sudden swerving in multi-language campaign

Reckless act is second most common cause of accidents

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Police in Abu Dhabi are using a multi-language campaign to hit home the dangers of sudden swerving on the roads.

Swerving is the second most common cause of accidents in the emirate, officers said and in 2015 led to the deaths of 143 people nationwide.

Posters in English, Arabic, Tagalog and Hindu are running on social media as part of a two-month push to educate road users.

Police have for years sought to improve poor levels of driving on the roads and cut deaths due to speeding and swerving. In total more than 500 were killed on the roads of the UAE last year.

“Sudden lane changing and jumping another lane in front of a vehicle without using signals can result in fatal accidents and lead to traffic fines,” said Brigadier Khalifa Mohammad Al Khaili, director of traffic and patrols directorate.

Booklets will be distributed to public and private drivers while awareness brochures will be posted throughout the directorate social media accounts along with conducting traffic lectures.

Police patrols and road control units will be intensified around the roads of Abu Dhabi after one week for launching this campaign.


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