75 bird-attracting devices confiscated in Fujairah

The device produce bird sounds that attract birds and allow hunters to catch them easily.

Some of the bird-attracting devices seized in Fujairah.
Some of the bird-attracting devices seized in Fujairah.

75 devices that attract Curlew birds were found and seized in Fujairah in an effort to combat poaching of Curlew bird species and preserving the natural biodiversity in the emirate.

Hunters use birdcall devices imitate the sounds of birds to entice Curlew to come together in large numbers where hunters have placed traps, to make them an easy prey.

Inspection tours were launched by the Public Services and Environment Department at Fujairah municipality since the end of October and included various areas focused on the confiscation of devices, issuance of violation tickets, and arresting violators during the peak of the hunting season.

The prohibition of hunting Curlew birds comes in accordance with the provisions of Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 on the protection and development of the environment, which penalises violators of imprisonment for a period of not less than 6 months and a fine of not less than Dh20,000.

Updated: December 8, 2017 11:51 AM