Abu Dhabi Police release crash videos to show dangers of distracted driving

Force shares footage of three separate incidents of cars slamming into each other on motorway on same day

Abu Dhabi Police cameras captured three serious accidents attributed to distracted driving on the same day. Photo: Abu Dhabi Police
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Abu Dhabi Police have released footage of three car crashes to highlight the danger and severe consequences of distracted driving.

Shared by the force on social media on Friday, the videos show incidents of speeding and cars recklessly switching lanes.

It was not made clear when the accidents took place, but authorities said all three incidents occurred on the same day.

Distraction was the leading cause of accidents last year, contributing to 948 across the emirates.

Abu Dhabi recorded the most cases of distracted driving, at 509, followed by 119 in Sharjah and then Dubai, with 111.

Police regularly post crash footage on social media to remind motorists to abide by traffic rules.

“Engaging in actions like using your phone, tweaking the radio, or even grabbing a tissue can divert your attention and are hazardous,” Thomas Edelmann, the head of the Road Safety UAE group, previously told The National.

“To prevent committing this mistake and the possible accidents it could lead to, it's important to keep your attention on the road, and refrain from any activities that could sidetrack you.”

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Updated: September 08, 2023, 12:29 PM