UAE temporarily bans imports of Volkswagen electric cars made in China

Dozens of Volkswagen ID vehicles have arrived through unofficial channels

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The Ministry of Economy has temporarily banned imports of Volkswagen electric cars made in China.

The ministry said registration of VW electric cars built in China at the country’s licensing departments will be suspended.

Exempt are electric VW cars that have been imported for re-export or those that have already been bought by customers.

Volkswagen and Al Nabooda Automobiles, the official dealer in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, said the decision ensures cars sold have been properly tested for the UAE market.

“This ensures that moving forward all new Volkswagens sold in Dubai and the Northern Emirates is through Al Nabooda Automobiles and importantly are built and tested to meet UAE market requirements,” Al Nabooda Automobiles said in a statement on its website.

“Both Volkswagen and Al Nabooda Automobiles welcome this resolution. Together our priority continues to be the safety of our customers, we remain committed to ensuring Volkswagen drivers feel assured their vehicle is built and tested for this market, to both the highest standards of quality and safety and always in line with local laws.”

In August, The National reported that untested Volkswagen ID fully electric hatchbacks were being sold in Dubai.

Dealers said dozens of these cars — the ID4 Pro Crozz and the ID6, a seven-seater version — were sold to customers last year.

“More than 40 had been sold in three months and were now being driven by happy customers,” one dealer said.

Talib Alrubai, chief executive of Alba Cars, a large dealership in Dubai, said: “Al Nabooda is the official VW dealer, but these vehicles are being brought in by private dealers as technically they are not VW cars.”

Al Nabooda said Volkswagen EVs had not been released in the UAE and those that were being sold had not been fully tested for use in the UAE and GCC.

“We are aware that a number of Volkswagen electric vehicles (EVs) have been imported into the UAE through unofficial channels,” the statement said.

“Volkswagen EVs currently sold here do not come with an international warranty and subsequently all service and maintenance requirements cannot be undertaken by Al Nabooda Automobiles or any service facility approved by Volkswagen in UAE.

“Customers who do choose to buy through these unofficial channels should do so knowing that in addition to a lack of servicing and warranty, the vehicles come with a software version intended for another market and similar to warranty and servicing, this cannot be supported by Volkswagen and Al Nabooda Automobiles.”

Testing electric cars in extreme heat is crucial to ensure they meet the safety and performance standards required for use in the UAE market.

It also helps to identify any potential issues that could arise in these conditions and allows them to be addressed before the vehicles are sold to customers.

Updated: March 12, 2023, 3:10 AM