My Dubai Rent: Meet the woman who never wants to leave her home in Layan

Wessam El Zairy pays Dh85,000 to live in a ground-floor apartment with her husband and three children

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My Dubai Rent takes you inside a reader's home to have a look at what they get for their money, how much they pay in rent and asks them what they like and don't like

Life is so good in a community on the outskirts of Dubai that one Egyptian resident never wants to leave.

Wessam El Zairy shares her ground-floor apartment in Layan with her husband and three children, paying an annual rent of Dh85,000 ($23,145).

Ms El Zairy, 44, said the area had everything she could possibly need.

She cannot imagine living anywhere else, having living in Layan for the past three years.

She invited The National into her home to show what makes it so special to her.

Why did you choose to live here and not somewhere else?

The community is so lovely where we live. Everyone, including the security guards and gardeners, is so friendly and kind.

The neighbours are really friendly too and we have been made so welcome since the first day we moved here.

It is also extremely close to my children’s school, which is a real bonus for us.

The access to other parts of the UAE is first class too. We are not really all that far from anywhere because we have access straight on to Emirates Road.

My home has a lot of space as well, which is perfect for us. It might only have two bedrooms, but they are both large.

What kind of facilities do you have around you?

We have hair salons, swimming pools, football pitches, tennis courts and laundry facilities.

We also have a large supermarket beside us. I don’t have to travel far to get what I need, which I like because I love to cook.

We also have a cafe close by, which is really convenient.

Do you think living there offers value for money?

Definitely. We pay Dh85,000 now in rent, but we have been told that will be going up to Dh88,000 next year.

I do not mind that, though, because it would be very, very difficult to find anywhere else like this for about that price in other parts of Dubai.

What would you change about where you live?

There is nothing I would change about my home because I am so happy with it.

More direct access roads to get on to Al Qudra Road would be helpful, though, as we have to go through Sustainable City, which is next to us.

Do you see yourself living there much longer?

I don’t want to live anywhere else.

The community is perfect for us. There is loads of space for the children to play outside and it has everything we need.

I feel like I am still new, though, because most of my neighbours have been in the area for more than 12 years.

My sister lives not far from me in Town Square and she would love to move here.

She’s on a waiting list because demand is so high.

Updated: March 05, 2023, 1:14 PM