Dubai Police highlight rules for football fans before World Cup kicks off

Tips for travellers and a reminder to be respectful of the local culture

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Dubai Police have issued guidelines for the thousands of football fans who will cheer on their teams at the World Cup from the emirate.

Many tourists plan to use the UAE as a base during the tournament in Qatar and dozens of venues have been preparing to welcome more guests than usual.

The guidance was issued under the slogan "cheer in Dubai, cheer safely".

“Dubai welcomes you during the World Cup. Enjoy our city of tolerance and openness, and take part in our thriving international community," Dubai Police said on Twitter.

"We invite you to express your excitement with respect to local laws and the community."

Police urged football fans to celebrate in designated areas only and not disturb other people.

Fans are not allowed to have alcohol in public areas, such as on the street, in a mall or in a hotel lobby, and have been reminded to respect the privacy of others while taking pictures and videos.

“Remember that you are in state of tolerance. As such you must respect the state’s culture where the contempt of religions and all kinds of discrimination and political disputes are prohibited,” the guidance said.

It is also urged travellers to save the registration details of any taxis they use or retain the receipt to make it easier for the authorities to find lost property.

Dubai Police said that fans were not allowed to use smoke flares.

Fan zones across Dubai are likely to be a major draw during the tournament.

Dubai Harbour, the Coca-Cola Arena, DIFC and the fan city at Expo City Dubai are among the venues preparing to host large events.

The police guidance also listed important numbers to call during emergencies, including 997 for fires or 998 for the ambulance service. For non-emergency situations, people can call 901.

People can download the Dubai Police app on their smartphones to access services, as well as going to the nearest Smart Police Station to use a kiosk.

For consumer complaints, people can call 600 545 555 or download the Dubai Consumer app.

Updated: November 20, 2022, 11:06 AM