UAE weather: forecasters warn of reduced visibility in some areas due to dust

The National Centre of Meteorology says the western parts of the country will be the worst affected

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Forecasters have issued a warning about dust, which will reduce visibility in some areas on Tuesday.

The western parts of the country will be the worst affected, the National Centre of Meteorology said.

The warning comes after the NCM predicted several days of dusty weather due to a system that was over Syria, Iraq and northern Saudi Arabia, and moving towards the Arabian Gulf.

Kuwait has also been affected, resulting in the suspension of flights because of severe weather.

The NCM said north-westerly winds reaching up to 40 kilometres an hour will kick up dust clouds on Tuesday in parts of the UAE.

Temperatures will top 40°C in Abu Dhabi city and 38°C in Dubai. It will be hotter in the south, with highs of 45°C.

Conditions will be moderate to rough in the Arabian Gulf but calm in the Sea of Oman.

The weather will be similar on Wednesday, with conditions expected to linger until the start of the weekend.

Temperatures for the rest of the working week will remain in the high 30s on the coast, dipping slightly on Friday.

The region has been in the grip of dust storms over the past couple of weeks. See the graphic below tracking dust in the Arabian Gulf.

Climate change is believed to be one of the main factors behind the flurry of dust storms hitting Iraq, government officials and experts have said.

Conditions in the UAE have been less severe but the country has experienced several patches of dusty weather.

They mostly happen during the summer months and in turbulent weather, such as during the transition from winter to spring, when rising temperatures cause strong winds.

Updated: May 24, 2022, 1:28 PM