UAE weather: windy and dusty day with rough seas offshore

Strong winds of up to 50kph will blow dust and sand, affecting visibility at times

Dubai-Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., August 9 , 2018.   STOCK Images:  Weather images from 4 pm- 5 pm E11 Dubai to Abu Dhabi.  Jabal Ali area.
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Parts of the UAE are set to experience strong winds of up to 40 kilometres per hour on Tuesday, which could kick up dust clouds.

Areas on the coast and in the interior will be particularly affected, the National Centre of Meteorology said. The warning is in force until 8pm.

The winds will also cause rough conditions in the Arabian Gulf, where waves could reach 2.5 metres.

Temperatures will drop, compared to recent days, reaching only 34°C in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It will, however, be hotter in the south, reaching as high as 44°C in the southern border with Saudi Arabia.

The mercury will climb in some areas on Wednesday but conditions will remain dusty as a result of moderate to fresh northwesterly winds.

The UAE will be affected by dust for the entire working week and into the weekend, forecasters said.

Temperatures will climb later in the week on the coast, reaching highs of 40°C in Dubai and 36°C in Abu Dhabi.

Dusty weather in the UAE - in pictures

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