Two killed, two hurt in four Dubai road crashes

Dubai Police blame speeding, reckless driving and failure to leave an adequate distance between vehicles

One crash involved four cars crashing into a lorry due to excessive speeding. Photo: Dubai Police

Two people were killed and two others were injured in four separate traffic accidents in Dubai on Monday, Dubai Police said.

In one incident, a motorcyclist died after colliding with a lorry on the Dubai to Hatta road.

Officers on Tuesday said the accident happened because of failure to leave a safe distance between vehicles.

In a second incident on the same road, a man in his 40s was run over and killed after trying to cross from an undesignated area.

“He was struck as he reached the end of the first lane of the road and he died on the spot,” said Brig Saif Al Mazroui, head of Dubai Traffic Police.

A third accident took place on Emirates Road (E611) in the direction of Abu Dhabi.

“It involved three vehicles and happened due to the drivers’ failure to leave a safe distance,” said Brig Al Mazroui.

A man in his 30s suffered severe injuries in the accident and was taken to Rashid Hospital for treatment.

In a fourth incident, four cars crashed into a lorry due to excessive speeding and reckless driving. One man suffered severe head injuries in the crash and was taken to Rashid Hospital.

No further details about the incidents were released.

Dubai Police said the number of deaths on the emirate's roads this Ramadan has risen.

Five people have died in 51 crashes, the force said, compared with one death and 29 accidents during the holy month in 2021.

Updated: April 20, 2022, 12:58 PM