Ajman police resolve financial cases worth Dh36m out of court

The force says 2,885 disputes were settled amicably between January and September

May 9, 2015- In Ajman police chief is on a visit of inspection to the comprehensive city police station

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Police in Ajman have resolved thousands of financial cases worth Dh36.7 million out of court.

The force settled 2,885 disputes amicably between January and September under the Pardon When You Can initiative, which was launched in 2016.

The cases that were resolved included include family disputes, bounced cheques, and civil and labour claims.

These were dealt with at police stations in the emirate.

Col Ali Jaber Al Shamsi, director of the Comprehensive Police Stations Department, said the initiative settled 17.9 per cent of financial reports recorded during the first nine months of the year.

“Al Nuaimia Comprehensive Police Station resolved the highest number of financial disputes, followed by Al Hamidiya Police Station,” he said.

He said that after receiving the reports, officers negotiated with the parties and brought them together to agree to a reconciliation plan.

But police stations do not interfere and try to influence the interest of one party at the expense of the other, Col Al Shamsi said.

“They'd rather facilitate the success of an amicable settlement if they sensed willingness from one party to resolve outside court,” he said.

If this happens, the case will be settled by the police and not referred to prosecution and court.

“The majority of those involved in the cases do not have any criminal record and are either traders or businessmen who faced some financial difficulty,” he said.

The initiative was introduced to provide them with the support they need to resume their businesses, he said.

Updated: November 18th 2021, 1:16 PM