My Dubai Expo: Meet the Mad Lab 'edutainer' bringing science to life

Mahmoud Elegeziry teaches Expo visitors about the laws of the universe with a sense of fun

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A glass of water and a plastic lid is all Mahmoud Elegeziry needs to entertain a group of children.

He works as a roaming educator at Expo 2020 Dubai, one of the Mad Lab "edutainers" giving scientific demonstrations to passers-by.

With little more than his mobile lab, a plastic egg and a piece of silk, Mr Elegeziry, 29, teaches Expo visitors of all ages about the laws of the universe, from gravity to atmospheric pressure.

"Once I explain how simple the tricks are, they say, 'now we love physics, can you come to be our teacher?'
Mahmoud Elegeziry, Mad Lab

"We invite everyone, teach them experiments, keep everyone entertained and enjoying the show. Children learn a thing or two and leave loving science. Everyone from all ages enjoys the show," said Mr Elegeziry.

One of the experiments the Mad Lab scientists demonstrate involves putting a loose-fitting lid on top of a glass of water, and turning it upside down. The result is remarkable to those who have forgotten basic physics.

Mr Elegeziry, who grew up in Abu Dhabi, applied only a month ago for the job at Expo, but he loves it.

"I get to teach people and get to see their reactions, how they're excited and astonished by science, with the simplest experiments," he said.

There are three Mad Lab scientists around the world's fair and they choose a different spot each day, working from 10am to 2pm from Sunday to Wednesday, and 10am to 6.30pm from Thursday to Saturday.

Their performances have proven incredibly popular, with Mr Elegeziry showcasing his skills to more than 550 schoolchildren over four hours on one weekday.

"Once I explain how simple the tricks are, they say, 'now we love physics, can you come to be our teacher?'" said Mr Elegeziry, who is Egyptian-Syrian.

"Some of them are very bright, I was surprised. A 13 year old was asking such intelligent questions, he made me see life from a different perspective."

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Updated: November 14th 2021, 3:30 AM