Pair jailed for kidnapping man from his Dubai graduation party

The accused assaulted their victim before letting him go, court hears

Two men have been jailed for kidnapping and assaulting a man after his friend’s car accidentally kicked up sand at them.

Dubai Criminal Court was told the accused, 26 and 27, dragged the victim out of his graduation party at a desert camp in Dubai on February 19.

Judges heard that three SUVs without number plates arrived at the camp.

The two Emirati defendants stepped out of one of the cars, started to assault the man and then took him to a house.

“We were too scared to do anything but when they left some of us tried to follow their car,” said one of the victim’s friends who was present at the time.

Another friend who was also at the party called police and reported the incident.

Judges heard that while at the house, the man was assaulted by the group before he was allowed to change his blood-stained clothes and leave.

“I called my friend after I was released and he arranged with police to come pick me up,” said the victim, whose nationality and age were not disclosed.

When a police car arrived, the victim showed them the house he was taken to. During questioning, the accused denied charges of kidnap and assault.

It was not revealed when the earlier incident involving the accused and the man's friend took place.

The pair did not appear at the June 16 hearing but judges on Monday sentenced each of them to six months in jail.

Updated: October 4th 2021, 2:28 PM