Night falls on Expo 2020 Dubai - the coolest new spot in town

Giant tigers prowl the streets as glowing waves flow backwards

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As the shadows lengthened and the sun set over Expo 2020 Dubai on Friday, it was time for the party to really get started.

Everywhere, lights began to twinkle as the heat of the day eased, with night-time at Expo the new place to see and be seen.

A gigantic, snarling white tiger puppet stalked the parade route, while golden human statues looked on.

Families strolled in the night air to take in the sights or listened to a concert in Jubilee Park, while Talabat Kitchen robots trundled past, delivering tasty treats.

Many of the attractions are at their best after dark. As the night sky was pierced by dozens of searchlights, the huge dome at Al Wasl Plaza flickered and danced with a light show.

The Water Feature - surely to become one of the most popular destinations - turned the world on its head as its glowing, crashing waves began to flow backwards.

“We’re really excited. We have been waiting for this for a really long time coming. We delayed our trip home to India so we could explore this Expo. We just started our trip, but it is amazing, it is a wonder,” said Jobi Matthew, a visitor who was accompanied by his family.

At the UAE pavilion, dusk is marked by the “feathers” on the building’s exterior that close to cover its solar panels.

To appreciate the astonishing scale of the Expo site - bigger than both New York’s Central Park and Disneyland - there is the Garden in the Sky, the best view in town short of owning your own private helicopter.

The rotating platform standing 55 metres above the ground offers visitors the full panorama of the Expo site.

At the top of the huge steel mast, the platform gives a bird's-eye views of the desert and several attractions, including the oval bowl of Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion, Al Wasl Plaza and the cascading Water Feature.

Back on the ground, the swelling number of visitors suggest that Expo by night will be a hugely popular way to spend an evening.

Expo is open until midnight during the week, but the party continues until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays — both the hottest and simultaneously the coolest spot in town for the next six months.

Updated: October 2nd 2021, 3:21 AM