Abu Dhabi health operator adds children's hospital to network

Seha acquires Salma children's rehabilitation hospital to expand paediatric services

Abu Dhabi Health Services (Seha) has acquired Salma Children's Rehabilitation Hospital (Salma), an integrated long-term care rehabilitation facility in the UAE.

The children's hospital is in Abu Dhabi and offers long-term and post-acute rehabilitation for patients, adding to Seha's existing paediatric services.

Salma admitted its first patients in 2019 and has grown since then to become a leading institution in the field of paediatric rehabilitation services.

The hospital provides complex medical care to patients with chronic illness or disability, or those needing post-acute care that they cannot receive at home.

“Paediatric care has always been a priority focus area for Seha’s strategy," said Dr Tarek Fathey, group chief executive at Abu Dhabi Health Services.

"With Salma joining our network, Seha now has the capacity and expertise to further expand its offerings, to include post-acute, long-term and rehabilitation care, positioning Seha as the provider of choice for these services.”

Salma provides holistic and multi-disciplinary services to its patients, including psychological support.

"Becoming part of the Seha network will enable Salma to continue on its growth path and to expand specialised and individualised rehabilitation services to a geographically and demographically wider population," said Philipp Mielenz, chief executive at Salma.

The paediatric facility has 83 beds and rooms for parents, play areas for children and 24/7 room and laundry service.

The facility provides family-focused care, placing patients and their families at the centre of the therapeutic process.

Updated: September 29, 2021, 3:00 PM