UAE weather: Fog sweeps across parts of the country

Motorists faced reduced speed limits on some roads because of the conditions

Speed limits were reduced across parts of the UAE early on Tuesday as thick fog formed in areas of Abu Dhabi.

Patches formed over Al Ruwais in the west, stretching deep in the desert beyond Madinat Zayed, as well as over the outskirts of the capital, prompting police to lower the speed limit to 80 kilometres per hour on several motorways.

The fog is expected to clear early, leaving a partly sunny day.

It will be hot, with temperatures reaching up to 46°C inland and 43°C on the coast.

Winds will be light to moderate, becoming gusty at times and blowing dust about during the day.

The humidity will return overnight, raising the risk of further mist and fog over coastal and internal areas.

Updated: September 7th 2021, 4:52 AM