Prisoner in Dubai sentenced to two years in jail over iron bar attack

The Comoran inmate suffered a fractured skull in the assault

A prisoner in Dubai has been sentenced to two years in jail for attacking a fellow inmate with an iron bar.

The Emirati prisoner struck the man on the head with the object, leaving him unconscious.

The victim, from the Comoros Islands, suffered a fractured skull in the assault at Dubai Central Prison on January 11.

A medical report from Rashid Hospital showed he had regular headaches as a result of the incident.

Dubai Criminal Court was told the prisoner carried out the attack because the Comoran previously confronted him for being violent towards another inmate. The prisoner walked into the victim's cell, flanked by fellow inmates, before carrying out the attack.

During questioning, the Emirati suspect denied charges of assault.

“I was sitting on the bed when they took me by surprise and one of them hit me on the head with a solid object,” the Comoran said.

“All of them who came into my cell have always been violent to other inmates and often intimidate them.”

The defendant's original sentence - the length of which was not disclosed during the hearing - will be extended by two years to take into account the court's latest ruling.

Updated: September 7th 2021, 9:19 AM