Coronavirus: how to apply for a movement permit during Abu Dhabi's stay-home order

People must remain indoors between midnight and 5am from Monday

Abu Dhabi residents must remain indoors "unless absolutely necessary" from midnight until 5am from Monday.

It marks the resumption of an extensive disinfection campaign to combat Covid-19.

Members of the public can only leave their homes during this period to "get essential supplies, such as food and medicine".

The move aims to safeguard public health and curb the spread of Covid-19.

Abu Dhabi Media Office on Sunday issued a reminder about how to apply for a permit to leave during these hours.

People must apply for a permit from Abu Dhabi Police at

Officials also announced that starting from midnight on Sunday, Abu Dhabi Police would not be sending a phone alert to residents at the start of the disinfection programme each evening.

Mass testing and one of the world’s fastest vaccination programmes, meanwhile, have helped the UAE control the pandemic.

At least 77.62 per cent of the UAE population have received one Covid-19 vaccine dose, while 68.13 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Authorities have also urged everyone to celebrate Eid Al Adha safely and adhere to Covid-19 rules.

People will enjoy a four-day break starting from Monday.

In a special briefing on Sunday, authorities told everyone to mark the occasion safely.

They repeated advice to avoid gatherings, not to shake hands and continue to wear masks and adhere to social distancing.

Dubai Police have already announced that patrols will be intensified to ensure rules are followed.

Updated: July 18th 2021, 5:09 PM