Treasure trove of priceless silver coins discovered in Sharjah

Archaeologists unearth 409 coins dating back to third century BC in a find that sheds more light on the importance of Mleiha

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Hundreds of priceless coins dating back thousands of years have been unearthed in Sharjah.

The 409 silver coins were recovered from a heavy pottery jar found at Mleiha.

The artefacts were discovered in February and the Sharjah Archaeology Authority has now revealed more about the find, which it described as hugely significant.

Mleiha is a site of huge archaeological importance and was a crucial centre of trade and commerce in the Arabian Peninsula.

Sharjah Archaeology Authority unearthed the coins in February. Courtesy: Sharjah Archaeology Authority

“When this heavy [nine kilogram] pottery jar was discovered, it was suspected that it would contain rare artefacts,” said Sabah Aboud Jasim, director general of Sharjah Archaeology Authority.

“Upon carefully opening the pot at the Sharjah Archaeology Authority laboratory, we found it completely filled with numerous silver coins.”

The coins date to the third century BC and it is believed they were minted and circulated in the area.

Some of the designs are unique but the majority are common for this time.

Some of the designs depict icons of that period such as military commander Alexander the Great and the Greek god Zeus.

Sharjah has preserved Mleiha while also opening the area for sustainable tourism.

Mleiha Archaeological Centre opened in 2016 and charts the region’s history that dates back to the Stone Age.

Updated: July 15, 2021, 10:55 AM