Partially blind pupil scores near perfect score in final UAE exams

Khalidah Al Junaid looks forward to a full scholarship at university, funded by the Crown Prince of Ajman

A pupil in Ajman has scored an impressive 98.9 per cent in her final exams at school, despite having significant visual impairment.

Khalidah Al Junaid, 17, was born with glaucoma, a common eye condition in which the optic nerve, which connects the eye to the brain, is damaged. It can cause partial or complete blindness.

The Sudanese girl who attends Al Hikmah private school in Al Nuaimiyah studied for a minimum of four hours each day in preparation.

“Teachers’ explanation of topics during classes was enough for me to build on,” she said.

“I used to revise the lessons for at least four or five hours.”

Khalidah had previously scored even higher and was hoping she would get the same score for her final mark.

“I worked very hard and was aiming for 99.4 per cent which I scored in the first semester but I feel very good about my final grade,” she said.

Thanks to her tireless studying, Khalidah was offered a full university scholarship by Sheikh Ammar bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman.

“I cant describe how happy and grateful I am for his highness’s gesture,” she said.

Khalidah has already begun the registration process at Ajman University where she says she is looking forward to studying sociology.

Her mother said that school work was not easy for the seventeen-year-old.

“She cant see well unless items are much closer to her eyes,” Amani Ahmad, said. “Reading and writing are very challenging for her.”

Family and friends were happy to hear the news that Khalidah was following in her siblings' footsteps, she said.

“I have two daughters and one son. All of them are top pupils. My eldest is currently studying medicine in Sudan.”

Khalidah’s teacher praised her top pupil and said staff tried to give her all the support for her condition that they could.

“To help her excel, we contacted the Ministry of Education and ensured she was provided the books in Braille," said Aisha Al Mutawa, the school’s principal.

“She has always been an outstanding pupil."

Updated: July 15th 2021, 3:36 AM