Triplet sisters share top score in high-school final exams

Ruler of Ajman awards full university scholarships to Jordanian siblings

Lujain Thouqan, Farah Thouqan and Leen Thouqan, triplet sisters who scored the same top mark in high-school final exams at the Al-Hikmah Private School in Ajman.
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Long hours of study and revision earned the perfect reward for triplet sisters Farah, Leen and Lujain Thouqan.

The sisters, who studied the advanced programme at Al Hikmah Private School in Ajman, each achieved grades of 98.5 per cent in their final secondary education exams.

Their exam results were recognised by Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Ruler of Ajman, who awarded each of the sisters a full scholarship to attend Ajman University.

They have been top achievers since they were little girls
Adnan Thouqan, father of the triplets

While they scored the same grades in their exams, each has chosen her own path when it comes to university.

Farah wants to study medicine, Leen has decided on dietetics and Lujain aspires to be a physiotherapist.

Parents Ibtisam Khassab and Adnan Thouqan, who have been living in the UAE for more than 30 years, are elated at their daughters’ achievements.

“I taught and even quizzed them for years before they began to study on their own in seventh grade,” said Ms Khassab, an administrative supervisor at her daughters' school.

“They have been top achievers since they were little girls,” Mr Thouqan said.

During their final year, the sisters studied for nearly six hours a day after they finished their school online classes.

“We would take a short break after classes then start studying and revising,” Farah said.

Over the weekends they studied for longer hours.

“We worked really hard,” Leen said.

Each has chosen her own career path - Lujain wants to be a physiotherapist, Farah wants to study medicine and Leen has decided on dietetics.

Each sister excelled at different subjects – Farah at physics, Lujain at maths and Leen at chemistry – and would help each other out whenever one had difficulty understanding a particular lesson.

“We also had direct access to teachers of all subjects to ask about anything we couldn’t understand,” Lujain said.

The sisters expected high scores and were happy with their results.

“It wasn’t a surprise to score top marks – not less than 98 – but the surprise was that we all got the same score,” Lujain said.

The triplets were born in the UAE three minutes apart, with Leen the eldest, Farah in the middle and Lujain the youngest.

“We are not only sisters, we are very close friends,” Leen said.

The family had initially decided to return to Jordan for the girls' university education before Sheikh Humaid's generous intervention.

“They are our only daughters and we certainly prefer that they continue their education in the UAE. It's our home, but that would have been almost impossible for us,” the girls' mother said.

“His Highness’s generosity has doubled our already trebled joy,” Ms Khassab said.

“We were born and raised here, all of our memories are in the UAE and it is a dream come true to be able to continue to study in the country,” Lujain said.

More than 60 pupils from Al Hikmah Private School achieved scores above 96 per cent, including Sheikha Mohammed Sultan Ahmad, in the general stream, who scored 99.1.

Updated: July 07, 2021, 1:06 PM