Man arrested in Dubai over attempted murder

Victim in hospital for treatment to neck injuries after apparent dispute in the workplace

Dubai Police have arrested a man who allegedly stabbed his co-worker in the neck with a sharp knife after a dispute.

Witnesses told police the man had an argument with a colleague at their staff residence in Muhaisnah 2.

The injured man was taken to hospital where he received treatment.

Capt Saeed Al Hanawi and Lt Saif Al Khatri, from Al Qusais Police Station, interviewed witnesses and residents at the scene.

“They came to the conclusion that the perpetrator was an Asian national and that he had held his co-worker in one of the rooms before stabbing him in the neck with a sharp knife,” said Col Saeed Al Madhani, deputy director of Al Qusais Police Station.

He said "the perpetrator" was seen leaving the room carrying the alleged murder weapon.

"He then threw it on the ground and fled the crime scene," he said.

“The dedicated officers immediately swept the surroundings and apprehended the suspect who was covered in blood.”

Col Al Madhani said the offender was arrested by the two officers less than an hour after the incident.

He urged members of society to deal calmly with disputes “and to refrain from taking matters into their hands as this leads to dire consequences for all parties”.

Updated: July 2nd 2021, 12:59 PM