105 cases of forged rent deals uncovered in Dubai

Police even arrested a number of individuals who have been offering forged contracts in return for Dh1,300 through the Dubizzle website.

DUBAI // One hundred and five cases of forged rental contracts were registered in the past 18 months in the emirate, of which 71 were referred to court.

Those convicted were jailed for three to six months, Dubai Public Prosecution said on Tuesday.

Forty-four printing offices across the country were involved in the forgeries.

Police arrested several people who had been offering forged rental contracts for Dh1,300 through the Dubizzle website.

Expatriates had been using the forged contracts when applying for residency for their family members, said Humaid bin Khatem, a chief prosecutor. He warned that people found to be doing so risked imprisonment and deportation.

“This type of crime helps unqualified people to enter the country and reside in addresses unknown to authorities, which is a source of danger,” said Mr bin Khatem.

“We also care about some of those who enter the country this way, that they might live in very poor conditions or in places that lack basic sanitation.”

In the 71 cases referred to court, 87 people, mostly Asians, were convicted.

Mr bin Khatem said the electronic records of the Dubai Lands department helped uncover most of the forgeries.


Published: December 23, 2014 04:00 AM