Trio arrested for attempted robbery of money-transfer vehicle

African men arrested after removing safe from vehicle but being unable to open it or lift it, police say.

SHARJAH // Three men have been arrested for allegedly assaulting security officers guarding a money-transfer vehicle in a botched robbery.

Police said the three African men monitored the vehicle in Al Nahda, Sharjah, and then pounced, attacking the security drivers with knives. However, after successfully removing the safe from the vehicle, they couldn’t get it opened or carry it due to its weight.

Sharjah Police said the armed robbery was carried out at night, in front of bystanders and the security guards were rushed to hospital to receive treatment.

A team of CID officers were able to track down one of the suspects. During questioning, he admitted to assaulting the security officers with two accomplices, police said. The other two were then arrested after he gave police their whereabouts.

The men were referred to prosecutors to face trial.

Published: May 17, 2017 04:00 AM