WWE Super ShowDown as it happened: The Undertaker beats Goldberg as Saudi Arabia's Mansoor Al Shehail wins 50-man Battle Royal

News from the action in Jeddah with Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston retaining their respective WWE world titles

01.55: That is it folks

That completes the night in Jeddah. Big wins for The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Shane McMahon and of course Saudi Arabia's Mansoor Al Shehail in the 50-man Battle Royal.

Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston retain their world titles and Brock Lesnar still has the Money in the Bank briefcase, even if it was a chastening night for The Beast.

Thanks for following the live blog. An analysis piece and picture gallery will be up in the morning with further reaction.


01.50: The Undertaker's night

Goldberg was visibly struggling towards the end there. It will be interesting to see if that was the planned finish.

A choke slam puts Goldberg down. He was bloodied by cutting his head against the ring post mid-match and was unable to complete a jackhammer.

Credit to Undertaker, he performed well and held things together. A big win for him.


01.48: The Undertaker beats hurt Goldberg

The Undertaker goes for a tombstone on a woozy looking Goldberg, but despite being severely bloodied the 52 year old kicks out.

This has proven to an absorbing encounter and is Goldberg's longest, in terms of pure match time, since his WrestleMania 20 clash with Brock Lesnar in 2004.

The Undertaker defeated Goldberg in the main event at WWE's Super ShowDown. Image courtesy of WWE
The Undertaker defeated Goldberg in the main event at WWE's Super ShowDown. Image courtesy of WWE

The Undertaker is bossing it, but Goldberg hits a third spear out of nowhere and tries to get the jackhammer but doesn't get the Deadman up properly and the move is half done.

Goldberg struggling and The Undertaker wins with a choke slam.


01.43: Goldberg cut open as The Undertaker gets early advantage

No messing about. Goldberg hits two spears in the first minute, but Taker kicks out.

For the first time in probably 20 years Goldberg tries to use a submission hold, the knee hold not the most convincing bit of work Bill has ever done it has to be said.

Then Goldberg busts himself open as he crashes into a ring post and it gives The Undertaker an opening.


01.30: Main event time - Goldberg v The Undertaker

Main event time and what a match it is. Goldberg's first appearance in more then two years, up against The Deadman for the first time ever.

This won't go long I imagine. There will be power moves and whoever hits a big one first will get the win.

Goldberg gets a big roar as he emerges first to the ring, with The Undertaker next up.


01.20: Huge moment for Saudi Arabia's first WWE Superstar

The Kings Abdullah Sports City Stadium is rocking. 23 year old Mansoor Al Shehail is a WWE winner.

Not only that he has won the WWE's biggest ever Battle Royal.

"I don't have words to say how important this moment is for me, for us," Al Shehail says.

The Saudi Arabian recalls being a rookie in the WWE 12 months ago when the company first came to Jeddah and tonight he has become centre stage in the rise of WWE's Middle East drive.

"My dream came true," he adds as he speaks in the middle of the ring.


01.17: Saudi Arabia's Mansoor Al Shehail wins 50-man Royal Rumble

A huge upset that delights the Jeddah crowd. Saudi WWE Superstar Mansoor Al Shehail wins, eliminating Elias last to be the victor.


01.15: Down to less then 10 in the Battle Royal - The Miz is out

Right, bear with us. Rusev, Cesaro, Ricochet, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and Elias are still in this. We down to single figures in what is left.


01.10: Field thinning out in Battle Royal

Corey Graves sums it up on commentary when he celebrates fact he can now see what is going on as the field drops below 20.

Jinder Mahal the latest to exit.

The Miz, Rusev, Samoa Joe and Elias are still in it.


01.00: Manic start to 50-man Battle Royal - Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows both out

Bodies flying everywhere early on and very difficult to see who is doing what.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows among the early men thrown out, along with both B Team members and Matt Hardy.


00.55: 50-man Battle Royal is next - The Miz, Samoa Joe and Elias lead the field

Right, this might be tricky to follow. 50 men are entering the ring for the WWE's biggest Battle Royal.

This is going to be a packed ring and it will be chaos for the first few minutes.

The Miz gets a separate entrance to the ring as does United States champion Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Elias


00.50: Dolph Ziggler demands steel cage rematch with Kofi Kingston

Ziggler may be the bad guy in the feud but he does have a point. The interference of Xavier Woods did make a difference as Kingston retained.

Ziggler did a backstage interview post-match and demanded a rematch in a steel cage, a move that would prevent Kingston's The New Day teammates being involved.

No official announcement from WWE but if the fight happens it will be at Stomping Grounds on June 23 you would expect.


00.45: Kofi Kingston retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with win over Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler misses out on the title as he suffers for messing with Xavier Woods.

He beats down the New Day man at ring side mid-match as he looks to get an edge on Kingston.

Kofi Kingston celebrates retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Image courtesy of WWE
Kofi Kingston celebrates retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Image courtesy of WWE

But Woods catches Ziggler with a kick to the head when the referee's back is turned and Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise to get the pin.

A solid match but over pretty quickly in 10 minutes. Ziggler accuses Kingston of being a "coward" post-match so this feud will go on most likely.


00.35: Kofi Kingston up against Dolph Ziggler with the WWE title on the line

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on the line now. It is Kofi Kingston defending against Dolph Ziggler.

The interesting thing is the Money in the Bank contract of Brock Lesnar's is still in play after Seth Rollins rebuffed the Beast early on tonight in Jeddah.

Given the beating Rollins gave Lesnar with a chair that is unlikely you would think, but Lesnar has had more then two hours to recover so both Kingston and Ziggler should be wary.


00.25 Braun Strowman wins enjoyable clash with Bobby Lashley

By no means a technical masterclass but this was a lot of fun.

Both men bounce off each other and this is a fast-moving clash.

Braun Strowman beat Bobby Lashley. Image courtesy of WWE
Braun Strowman beat Bobby Lashley. Image courtesy of WWE

Strowman gets the win with the running powerslam but credit to Lashley for playing his part in a match that was better then expected.

Strowman's second big success in Jeddah, having won the 50-man Royal Rumble last year.


00.15 Braun Strowman v Bobby Lashley

Now if this match goes 30 minutes it will be an upset.

The clash of two of the big guys in WWE is under way.


00.05: Randy Orton beats Triple H with the RKO

Well, we knew this wasn't going to be short and Triple H and Orton have a lengthy epic in Jeddah that runs for more then 30 minutes.

Both men have moments of being in control as they replay some of the best moments from their historic rivalry.

Triple H hits a pedigree against Randy Orton, but it was not enough as Orton won. Image courtesy of WWE
Triple H hits a pedigree against Randy Orton, but it was not enough as Orton won. Image courtesy of WWE

Triple H takes a lot of punishment, the highlight being backdropped on to the announcer's table.

But he hits back and both men kick out of each other's finishers, the latter after Triple H had reversed a punt attempt into a pedigree.

Triple H then dominates but walks into a second RKO from Orton and that gives the Viper the win.


23.30: Triple H v Randy Orton in a singles match for the first time since 2009

It is 10 years since Evolution stablemates Triple H and Randy Orton last faced off in a singles match.

They do it again in Jeddah next. These are two of the greats in WWE with 27 world title reigns between them.

They last competed against each other at The Bash in July 2009. Orton won that night, will he do it again here?


23.25: Lars Sullivan beats Lucha House Party by disqualification in a handicap match

Well, this was a surprise.

Lars Sullivan runs through Kalisto, Gtan Metalik and Lince Dorado, initially, but the Luchas hit back.

They get disqualified for going three-on-one on him in a beatdown.

Lars Sullivan was a winner in Saudi Arabia, but by disqualification. Image courtesy of WWE
Lars Sullivan was a winner in Saudi Arabia, but by disqualification. Image courtesy of WWE

Sullivan, for the first time on the WWE roster, briefly looks to be in trouble, but he stands tall in the end as he beats up all three men on the ramp.

Interesting they made Sullivan look fallible at times, but he still looks like a monster in the end.


23.10: Shane McMahon shocks Roman Reigns - thanks to Drew McIntyre

Shane McMahon gets a huge win as he beats Roman Reigns.

Reigns is hit by a Claymore kick from Drew McIntyre behind the referee's back.

McMahon has the early ascendancy but Reigns turns it around, even hitting McIntyre with a Superman punch when the Scotsman tries to interfere.

Shane McMahon, on the shoulders of Drew McIntyre, could be wearing WWE championship gold going into SummerSlam. Image courtesy of WWE
Shane McMahon, on the shoulders of Drew McIntyre, could be wearing WWE championship gold going into SummerSlam. Image courtesy of WWE

McMahon almost wins with a spear at one point, but Reigns cannot put away the SmackDown boss despite hitting another Superman punch off the top rope.

But McIntyre gets involved again in the finish. It is Reigns v McIntyre at WWE Stomping Grounds on June 23 and this certainly adds fire to it.


23.00: Shane McMahon's World Cup trophy at ring side

Fittingly, given he won it in Riyadh in November, Shane McMahon's World Cup trophy is at ring side tonight in Jeddah.

Also at ring side is Drew McIntyre, as predicted, and this night could be an interesting one for Roman Reigns, who is making his first appearance in Saudi Arabia in 14 months.

He missed the November show in Riyadh as he fought leukemia, a fight he happily has won.


22.55: Roman Reigns v Shane McMahon up next

This will be interesting. This is the start of a feud that is likely to run over the summer.

It all started when Reigns punched Vince McMahon on his first night on SmackDown in April.

Shane is on a roll, having beaten The Miz twice, and who gets the upperhand is hard to call.

Crucially Shane has Drew McIntyre as back-up and the Scotsman will almost certainly have a part to play here.


22.50: Finn Balor retains Intercontinental title

Balor remains Intercontinental champion in a cracking match. It had promised much, after their excellent tussle in the Money in the Bank match last month and they didn't disappoint.

Balor, as The Demon, comes out on top of a fast-paced clash where both men looked great.

Finn Balor triumphed against Andrade to retain his Intercontinental title. Image courtesy of WWE
Finn Balor triumphed against Andrade to retain his Intercontinental title. Image courtesy of WWE

Andrade is a big star in the making and his offence holds the attention of the Jeddah audience.

He has a number of convincing near falls, but Balor wins with the Coup de Grace.


22.35: Finn Balor v Andrade for Intercontinental title under way

As Lesnar hobbles away after his unsuccessful attempt at trying to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, the Intercontinental Championship match starts as Finn Balor, as The Demon, defends against Andrade.

Balor has been champion since beating Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 35.


22.30: Seth Rollins attacks Brock Lesnar to prevent MITB cash in and remain WWE Universal champion

Seth Rollins is still the WWE Universal champion. He takes advantage of Paul Heyman tripping up getting in the ring and low blows Lesnar.

He then brutalises him with a chair and Lesnar is left laying, having not cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Stunning start to the show, making Rollins look a million dollars by being smart and aware of his surroundings.


22.25: Seth Rollins retains WWE Universal title - but here comes Brock Lesnar with the MITB briefcase...

Seth Rollins has retained the WWE Universal title. He beats Baron Corbin with a curb stomp.

Rollins sold his beating from Brock Lesnar on Monday with his ribs being taped up, and Corbin dominates much of the match on offence.

Rollins fightbacks though to win with a roll-up after Corbin argues with the referee and delight the Saudi crowd, who were not happy with Corbin, judging by the heckling of him.

But Corbin attacks Rollins and here comes Lesnar with the Money in the Bank briefcase post-match...


22:05: WWE Super ShowDown is under way - with Seth Rollins v Baron Corbin for the Universal title opening

The third WWE Network special in Saudi Arabia is under way. The TV promo package highlighting the action in Jeddah has been shown.

"Epic battles" is the description for the night ahead and this should be a cracking night of action that is started with a stunning fireworks display at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

We are starting with Seth Rollins defending the WWE Universal title against Baron Corbin.


21.55: The Usos pick up the win on pre-show

It is The Usos who pick up the triumph in a fun and breezy match.

These two teams are two of the best in the world and no surprise they deliver to the delight of the crowd at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

The Revival enjoy some good offence but it is The Usos who triumph as both Jimmy and Jey hit superkicks at the same time on Dash Wilder.


21.45: The Usos v The Revival on the pre-show

We are 15 minutes from the main action beginning but the crowd in Jeddah are on their feet as The Usos take on The Revival in a tag match.

Both teams are former champions and this should be a thriller.


21.35: Kofi Kingston is living the dream as WWE champion

Kofi Kingston defends his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dolph Ziggler tonight in Jeddah.

It has been a remarkable journey for Kingston, who at the start of the year had not even had a singles title shot in his career, but then won the WWE title at WrestleMania 35.

The man, one third of The New Day faction, spoke to The National about his journey.

Read it here.


21.15: Seth Rollins happy to be back in Saudi Arabia

This time last year Seth Rollins was Intercontinental champion. Now he is back in Jeddah this time as WWE Universal champion.

He defends that title against Baron Corbin but also has the threat of Brock Lesnar cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on him.

Ahead of the event, Rollins spoke to The National about enjoying competing in the Middle East and why he has relished introducing ladder and cage matches to Middle East audiences.

Read that interview here.


20.45: WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia is almost here

So, here we are. For the third time in 14 months the WWE is back in Saudi Arabia and we are just over an hour away from the start of Super ShowDown at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah.

What a card it is. You have Goldberg v The Undertaker for the first time, a WrestleMania 25 main event rematch between Triple H and Randy Orton, while both world titles are on the line.

There is also the promise of Brock Lesnar cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Check out sports editor Graham Caygill's predictions for the night's action here, which can be watched live on the WWE Network.

The action is set to start at around 10pm UAE time. We'll have plenty of updates before then to get you upto speed on what to watch for.

Stick with The National throughout the night for news from the matches and the usual unexpected moments.

Updated: June 8, 2019 09:52 AM


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