Seth Rollins Q&A: On WWE's WrestleMania 34, competing in Saudi Arabia and the Shield reunion

The two-time WWE world champion discusses his impressive run of form in the ring ahead of his Intercontinental title match in New Orleans on Sunday

Seth Rollins is looking to create more history in the WWE on Friday at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. Image courtesy of WWE
Seth Rollins is looking to create more history in the WWE on Friday at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. Image courtesy of WWE

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins is part of Sunday's line-up for WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans where he challenges for the Intercontinental title against defending champion The Miz as well as Finn Balor in a triple threat match.

The two-time WWE world champion spoke on Friday about what winning the title for the first time would mean to him, as well as how he rates his recent months, and the impending Greatest Royal Rumble Show in Saudi Arabia on April 27.

On the importance of the Intercontinental title

"I think having the IC title, and looking at the guys and the champions who defined that title and that title has defined them, I think I fit in pretty well with that mix. It would be pretty cool to be able to be mentioned with guys like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Mr Perfect and Macho Man Randy Savage. So I think any time you are in that breath things are pretty good."

On how he rates his form and recent matches that have received critical acclaim

"Realistically at the end of last year I was stealing the show fairly routinely with Sheamus and Cesaro. Dean Ambrose and I were having the best matches on the shows all summer with those guys and I carried it over. The [Jason] Jordan dynamic was a little different but we were still running it pretty hard.

"When I got cut loose by myself I put all the weight on my shoulders. And as I said when the lights are the brightest that is when I am at my best. I think people forgot how good I was and I have proven that I can still hang."


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On wrestling for 65 minutes in a gauntlet match on Raw in February - the longest anyone has ever wrestled in a match in the show's 25-year history

"It had been almost a decade since I had last wrestled for little over a hour. I did a couple of them in Ring of Honour where they were around 45 minutes, 50 minutes to an hour, so it had been a while since I have done that and this was a totally different animal. It is multiple matches, multiple opponents and you are on a television show. That was something different to anything I had ever done and to set that record was something special.

On the Greatest Royal Rumble, what he expects from the show and the first ever 50-man Royal Rumble

"I am mostly looking forward to the chaos. I can only imagine how insane it is going to be. Just from promotion alone it has been absolutely nuts.

"One show in Jeddah and it is a crazy network special with a 50-man Royal Rumble. I am in a four-way ladder match. Lets just get them and see what happens. It is going to be chaos. I am looking forward to it. I have also had fun in the Middle East so I expect nothing different this time around."

WWE's Seth Rollins says Middle Eastern fans have been receptive when they have been there in the past. WWE
WWE's Seth Rollins says Middle Eastern fans have been receptive when they have been there in the past. WWE

On if winning a 50-man Royal Rumble is more impressive then winning the usual 30-man format

"I don’t know. You’re answer is as good as mine. It is the first one so we will see what happens. Fifty is better than thirty, right? So if you can outlast 49 other guys you must be better than Nakamura who did 29. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.”

On the WWE competing in Saudi Arabia for the first time

"The Middle Eastern fans have been super receptive when we have been there in the past. Hopefully an event of this magnitude will hopefully put more eyes on what we are trying to do."

Assessing the reunion of The Shield of himself, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in 2017

"It was a little unfulfilled in that we had some hiccups along the way. Ambrose’s injury, Roman’s sickness so we couldn’t do everything out of it that we wanted. But it did allow us to do some really weird things like have Kurt Angle and Triple H as our partner. So that was a little icing on the cake I guess, stuff you weren’t expecting.

"But I think the cool thing I think we learned about this year was the Shield are always going to be there. Never say never. When the time is right we will get back to it. It is kind of like DX in that way. It is never going to go away. As long as me, Ambrose and Roman are still around kicking, screaming and fighting you can throw us together.”

Updated: April 7, 2018 04:06 PM


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