Rocky Fielding column: Final stretch before fight night is all about sharpening up

British boxer gears up for comeback in Dubai, with a new opponent in Emmanuel Danso

British boxer Rocky Fielding is returning to the ring after a two-year absence, and is part of a star-studded card slated for Dubai on November 26.

The D4G promotion is scheduled to take place at MotoSpace and will be broadcast live in the US on ESPN+ in association with Top Rank, and worldwide on IFL TV. The highly-anticipated card also features former two-weight world champion Badou Jack and Pakistan talent Muhammad Waseem.

Former British super middleweight champion Fielding faces Emmanuel Danso on his comeback. As part of the buildup, Fielding will provide a weekly update about his training regime in Dubai.

Tell us a bit about the final week of a training camp as you approach the fight

The final week of camp is about sharpening up, working on the fast pads and going over my tactics for the fight. I will also work on certain shots which I think will help me during the match but, to be honest, all of the hard work has been done by this stage so I won’t be doing too much. It’s just a case of getting the weight down, keeping sharp and making sure the shots are correct.

On a personal level, do you change in the days leading up to a fight?

My mood changes as I get closer to a fight. You have to make weight and you’re fully focused on the bout so sometimes you can get a bit moody. When I’m around my kids my mood changes because I’m happy to spend time with them, but if I’m on my own, going to the gym or coming out of the gym, I’m trying to make sure everything is spot on ahead of the fight so it can get a bit intense, but it’s all good on the whole.

You obviously have the press conference and weigh-in ahead of the fight – is that something you enjoy?

I like the weigh-in the most. The press conference is OK. This one will be fine because it’s my first in two years, I have a new promotion team and I’m out here in Dubai so it shouldn’t be too bad. I look forward to the weigh-in and getting that done because then you can sit back, get some food inside you and make your final preparations for the fight.

And what about making weight – do you have a specific process you follow?

I have a nutritionist. He’s not out here with me but we’re on the phone regularly, speaking and texting about certain bits and pieces. I’ve been around long enough to know my body, and to know what I have to do in order to get my weight down. I haven’t got too much to go right now, which is good, because after being out for two years my weight was high. It’s come down gradually and even though I still need to lose the last few pounds, it’s enjoyable and then you can eat what you want after the weigh-in.

How are you feeling and what are you thinking about as you walk out to the ring?

As long as you put the hard work in during camp, training generally goes well and obviously when you’re walking into the ring, you’re fully focused. You want to get the win, look good and impress the crowd watching. Then it’s all about moving on to the next one. But for me, it’s important to stay focused and enjoy the fight. This one is at a really impressive venue so I’m sure I’ll be in high spirits on the night and I’m looking forward to putting on a show for everybody out here in Dubai.

Updated: November 23rd 2021, 3:03 AM