Cricket World Cup 2019: the final verdict on the best and worst kits

The National's readers were asked to pick their favourite kit from this summer's tournament - and the results are in

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For cricket fans, the World Cup every four years isn't just about bat on ball and who wins - it's a chance to dress up in your team's colours and parade around as if you've made the first XI.

That of course isn't really possible in the traditional whites worn for Test matches, but when it comes to the limited overs format, out come the pyjama-style designs with colours so warm and funky that cricket-mad kids all over the world will be insisting they never take them off.

This year has been no exception when it comes to funkadelics - just take a look at that Sri Lanka strip with a sea turtle heading for shore emblazoned across the belly.

Some nations meanwhile have played it safe, though that can appeal to the older generation who want to cheer on their team at Lord's while at least looking semi-smart.

So, having already ranked the 10 kits on display at this summer's tournament which is now under way, we then asked The National's readers to have their say on which kit they thought was the best - and the results are in.

The West Indies may be considered World Cup giants having won the competition twice, but they didn't fare well when it came to their kit, with only 35 votes out of more than 1,600.

Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand didn't do much better in the voting ranks.

There was however a clear winner - and it wasn't the hosts England who pulled out a fantastic new strip for the big occasion this year.

Step forward Pakistan, with 25 per cent of the vote for what our writer described as a "slight-throwback retro kit ... that will make Imran Khan and his cornered tigers proud".

Well done Pakistan.

You can see the full results list below.