Cricket World Cup 2019: Bee swarm stops play during South Africa victory over Sri Lanka

Players and umpires were forced to hit the deck as nature made a stand

Cricket is a sport very sensitive to the conditions.

While it doesn't have to be hushed quiet like tennis, the scene does have to be just right for play to progress.

Sky too dark - head to the pavilion. Bad light stopped play.

And quite the opposite too - for bright lights have even stopped play as batsmen complain of the sun shining in their eyes.

Among the ever growing list of wacky reasons why cricket matches have been temporarily stopped, is a swarm of bees.

On this occasion, the match in question was the World Cup clash between Sri Lanka and South Africa at Durham.

Onlookers unfamiliar with what was going on would have been forgiven for thinking something apocalyptic was occurring as the South African fielders, umpires and Sri Lankan batsman were strewn face-down across the ground.

Meanwhile, spectators at the stadium were able to happily remain in their seats and watch the nature-related action unfold.

South Africa captain Faf du Plessis revealed how he saw this happen a couple of years ago during an international match.

"I remember the last time, it was at Johannesburg against Sri Lanka, the same thing happened," he said. "It is very funny. Looks like someone's just had a machine-gun through all the players on the field and everyone is down on the ground!

"Yeah, you are not brave enough when there is a swarm of bees flying. I'm brave, but not that brave."

South Africa went on to win at Chester-le-Street by nine wickets, reaching their winning total with 12.4 overs to spare after Sri Lanka had been bowled out for just 203. Du Plessis scored 96 not out.


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Updated: June 29, 2019 12:12 PM


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