Amos Hochstein, Mudaissir Sheikha, Deepak Chopra, Zada Haj - Best of Business Extra 2022

Energy, tech, crypto, leadership, food security and gender parity were among the biggest themes of the year

From what it takes to succeed to managing the energy crisis and what next for Bitcoin, the past 12 months have been dynamic for companies, businesses and executives.

Host Mustafa Alrawi reminds us of the highlights from Business Extra's coverage of this year's biggest themes and stories.

In this episode

Amos Hochstein — Lessons learnt from being dependant on one energy supplier (1m 57s)

Zada Haj — Importance of food security (6m 12s)

Suzanne Duke — Perspective on the gender gap (13m 33s)

Kim Fournais — Saxo Bank and relationship with China (19m 10s)

Deepak Chopra — What is the meaning of leadership? (24m 44s)

Mudaissir Sheikha — Lessons learnt (29m 40s)

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Updated: December 28, 2022, 8:17 AM