What is driving energy markets - Business Extra

Concern about falling global demand as a result of slowing economic growth is jostling with geopolitics for influence on oil and gas prices

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Brent crude prices are above $90 a barrel as recession worries and the impact on oil demand weigh against other factors, including US policy moves.

Following friction between the Biden administration and Opec+ producers over their decision to reduce output, politics has taken over the discourse around energy markets.

With the Ukraine conflict still without a solution and climate action critical, how will shorter-term considerations play out over the weeks and months to come?

Regular The National contributor Robin Mills, chief executive of Qamar Energy, talks to host Mustafa Alrawi about the uncertainty.

In this episode:

The main factors dominating the discussions around energy and crude oil (1m)

Does Ukraine remain a major factor? (3m 17s)

Political fallout effecting the energy markets (7m 5s)

Climate change and obtaining the right energy mix is not front and centre (10m 9s)

How much does the energy markets really serve us? (14m 35s)


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Updated: October 21, 2022, 8:38 AM