Volunteers in Dubai mark World Humanitarian Day, Amr Diab is back in Beirut - Trending

Fatimah Al Mahmoud covers the day's trending topics

Hundreds of volunteers came together in Dubai to pack special school kits to help low-income families. The kits will be distributed across the Emirates as part of a campaign held to mark World Humanitarian Day.

Around 20,000 people gathered in Beirut over the weekend for Amr Diab's first concert in Lebanon in 12 years. The concert brought much needed joy to the city amid an economic crisis.

In Syria, a new housing project has been inaugurated by the Emirates Red Crescent as part of the UAE's humanitarian and relief efforts to support families affected by the earthquake that hit the country in February.

England fans say they are heartbroken over the Lionesses' defeat by Spain in the Women's World Cup final, but they are proud of the team for getting so far. Hotels and venues across the Emirates were packed as fans looked for a place to enjoy the match.

Updated: August 21, 2023, 7:46 AM