Would the world really be different if women ran it?

Readers discuss what the roles of men and women should be in the 21st Century. Ria Novosti / Kremlin Pool
Readers discuss what the roles of men and women should be in the 21st Century. Ria Novosti / Kremlin Pool

Feminism is asking for equality. That is all. We want men and women to be treated equally.

There are violent men and violent women in this world. They existed before feminism and they will, sadly, probably continue to exist.

Your claim that some men are being violent because of feminism validates their disgusting behaviour. Please do not use females gaining equality as a rational reason for violence.

Additionally, the roles of men and women vary in different cultures and societies. It is impossible for us to say “men are this” or “men are that” when they lead different roles in different lands and times.

Name withheld by request

Having read your cover story in Review (In a world in flux, what’s the point of men?, December 20), I believe the idea that the world would become more peaceful if more women were in control is a progressive myth.

There will always be wars over resources, and greed for money, status and power. The idea that Islamism or authoritarian rulers are only about a rearguard action by “patriarchs” against the spread of feminism is silly.

To my mind, the campaign for women’s rights in Afghanistan was one way of justifying a war for geopolitical advantage and access to resources. The concern with women rights was genuine enough and would be beneficial, of course, but using that as a justification for western meddling is bound to be resented and resisted as it is elsewhere.

The rise of feminism only really occurs in societies that have attained a high degree of material comfort. I believe women will become as cruel as men ever were as they become soldiers and politicians at the forefront of wars and conflicts.

Karl Naylor, UK

I do not believe the two sexes can be equal, or that feminism was ever in the interests of women.

Each of the sexes has an important role to play in society, each one crucial. But when one tries to take the place of the other, I believe it will only result in chaos and confusion.

If men and women were meant to be “equal”, basic physical, physiological and mental differences wouldn’t exist. I’m not saying either sex is inferior in any way, but they are just meant to complement each other.

Jayadevi Palekanda, Abu Dhabi

Teach drivers the roundabout rules

As a British expatriate teacher who has worked for many years in the UAE, I could go on and on about the bad driving I witness every day but what I think the authorities should put their effort into is promoting the correct procedure at roundabouts.

I frequently witness drivers who intend to take the first exit of the roundabout approaching via the middle lane.

Teaching people what lane they should be in as they approach a roundabout might lessen some of the idiotic behaviour I’ve experienced.

Michael Sayers, Abu Dhabi

Price is just one reason expats leave

With regard to your articles on the rising cost of living, (UAE expats priced out of their lives, November 30), I am a well-paid director and entrepreneur but my family recently took the hard decision to move partially out of the whole region. I will remain here and travel back and forth.

As a very long term resident here – more than 40 years – the key factors for us were the costs of rent and schools, but added to that were the sociological factors. We did not want our children to grow up in a “give me” society and as hard as we fought it here, it was inevitable that this seeped into them.

Name withheld by request

Smoking also chokes patients

In relation to your story, Junk food served in Abu Dhabi hospitals should be ‘banned’ (December 15), how about also banning smoking on hospital grounds?

I visit Dubai Hospital for treatment and it is impossible for me to wait outside for someone to pick me up because the air is full of smoke from people puffing away. I even mentioned it to some people there but they just shrugged their shoulders and said they cannot smoke inside.

Name withheld by request

Kate is out-rated by Queen Elsa

You ask what all the fuss is about when Kate Middleton visited New York recently, only to disappoint children who were hoping instead for the chance to meet Elsa (Newsmaker: Elsa from Frozen, December 19).

Perhaps it’s because Kate is merely a duchess, and Elsa is a queen?

Theo Scheepers, Al Ain

Published: December 20, 2014 04:00 AM


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