We are too pampered to pump our own petrol

A self-driving car in San Francisco / AFP
A self-driving car in San Francisco / AFP

When we live in a city with people from various walks of life, we need to become adaptable and accept some changes that may or may not take place. We need to get out of our comfort zone and face challenges. Rules might change. Be they good or bad, learn to live with them. Might I suggest that people start by discarding their lazy attitudes and learning how to pump their own petrol? At home, people have nannies and maids to do all the work; at offices they have help too. At hypermarkets, they have cashiers and other staff to help them pack. And yet they ask for more and more, despite everything out here being completely luxurious. This has made most of us lazy. Summer is just around the corner but that's no excuse. We should get ready to do our own tasks instead of waiting for others. Many of us lack patience.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

Trump can't make America great again if he keeps changing his staff

I refer to your op-ed America is great in every field except government (April 2): what an interesting read. Gavin Esler has nicely analysed the present situation in the United States. The op-ed made compelling arguments and made me think. On the one hand, I applaud US President Donald Trump's localisation while on the other hand, I feel he has completely ignored the fact that the government plays an important role in development. He has overlooked how his desire to keep foreigners out of the US will affect the economy and, by extension, his pledge to create jobs. We have to wonder whether Mr Trump will revise his plans to create a better America without disturbing his existing team yet again.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Your article on self-driving cars was timely

I refer to an article from your archives that recently caught my eye, Robot-enabled cars make driving more dangerous (August 13, 2017). The information you provided in that article was very useful and I really enjoyed reading it. Over recent years, there has been astounding progress in driver-less car technology. It is exciting to note that fully autonomous cars might be available for mass use as early as 2021.

Rilind Elezaj, Pristina

Don't be a litterbug – pick up your own rubbish

People could be forgiven for thinking that cigarette ends, paper cups and other detritus grow on the plants and trees that line the main streets of Abu Dhabi. Until people are penalised for using the pavements and planters as their personal rubbish bins, I fear that the current litter problem on the streets of our capital will remain. I have now been a resident of the UAE for more than 40 years and I am disappointed that this problem persists.

Jeremy Weeks, Abu Dhabi

Updated: April 7, 2018 08:03 PM


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