UAE and Saudi Arabia have the potential to collaborate in research

Our readers have their say about AI, Israeli politics, rebuilding of Mosul, immigration and our weekend supplement

A robot from the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (AIIS) laboratory of Italy's National Interuniversity Consortium for Computer Science (CINI) is displayed at the 7th edition of the Maker Faire 2019, the greatest European event on innovation, on October 18, 2019 in Rome. / AFP / Andreas SOLARO
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I write to you in reference to the National editorial AI university will propel the UAE into the future (October 17). I am delighted to congratulate you on this smart university. I am head of the innovation centre at King Saud Medical City. We have recently set up an innovation centre and are impressed with what the UAE has established and look forward to working with you in research and development of medical inventions, as well as in training and education to further the beautiful relations between the two countries.

Madyah Raddef, Riyadh

Israel needs to stop evicting the Bedouin from their lands

I write to you in reference to Jonathan Cook's article Bedouin mass eviction is part of Israel's concerted efforts to drive Palestinians from their historic lands (October 15). This is unjust and cruel and Israel needs to stop it.

Name withheld on request

In praise of reviving the spirit and heritage of the Iraqi city of Mosul

I write to you in reference to Omar Mohammed's article History will record who destroyed Mosul's heritage sites – and who rebuilt them (October 17). Perhaps Sassoon Synagogue can be added to plans of rebuilding Mosul's Al Nuri Mosque and Al Tahira Church to revive the spirit of Mosul and encourage peaceful coexistence among those of the Abrahamic religions.

Name withheld on request

Your revamped supplement kept me busy for the weekend

Well done! The changes you have made to the Weekend supplement inside The National are spot on. I used to spend perhaps 15 minutes reading the section but I am reading this one cover to cover and have not started on the newspaper yet. Keep it up!

Marjoleine Buker, Dubai

Migrant issue is complex and raises many challenges

I write to you in reference to your article Mexico sends more than 300 illegal migrants back to India (October 18). It was deeply troubling to read about the deportation of illegal immigrants from Mexico to India. The migrant issue seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. It is a complex issue in which security plays a part both for migrants and the country where they arrive. Mexico and the United States have both faced challenges in dealing with this problem. It is hard to begrudge migrants their right to have a decent life in the countries they move to. However, there are proper legal channels that must be adhered to.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru