Tunisia needs political stability, and there are signs of it

Our readers have their say about the latest suicide attack in Tunisia, coronavirus and living in a city like Dubai
Police and forensic experts inspect the scene of an explosion near the US embassy in the Tunisian capital Tunis on March 6, 2020.  A double suicide attack shook the Tunisian capital as assailants wounded six people including police guarding the US embassy, authorities said. An explosion rocked the Berges du Lac district where the embassy is located around midday, causing panic among pedestrians and motorists in the area. Two assailants died in the attack, the first to hit the capital since June 2019, according to officials.


I write in reference to your article Suicide attackers target US embassy in Tunis (March 6): it is a relief to read that there were no casualties, aside from the two attackers themselves. I also hope the five police officers who were injured are on the path to recovery.

Tunisia has had its share of terror attacks in recent times, which is troubling. But as experts have pointed out, the government has been largely successful in keeping the country safe. There is a realisation that poverty is one of the key reasons for many young Tunisians going astray and joining extremist organisations. For economic growth, there needs to be political stability and it is good to read about the progress being made on that front, through the presidential elections in October, as well as the end to the long-protracted parliamentary process to appoint a cabinet last month.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

The UK seems ill-equipped to deal with the coronavirus challenge

I write in reference to Jack Dutton's article Coronavirus: British officials try to assure public to prevent panic buying (March 6): I am from London and believe me when I say that the UK is not prepared at all in any way shape or form. Heads of the National Health Service and the politicians have said so. There is a shortage of beds in NHS-funded hospitals, as well as that of doctors and nurses.

Authorities can try to prevent panic but people will do what they feel is best for them, as they are worried.

Tanya Milbourne, Dubai

Saudi Arabia’s latest step will help to shut out the spread of Covid-19

I write in reference to your article Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia restricts entry to kingdom from UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain to airports only (March 7): this is a good, smart move. This will help to shut out new cases. A situation such as this calls for drastic measures.

Name withheld by request

Multicultural cities help people become more open-minded

I write in reference to Nyree McFarlane's article The 9 things I missed most about Dubai when I moved away (March 6): the best part about living in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi is making friends from all over the world and becoming culturally and religiously open-minded.

Name withheld by request