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Readers discuss Rajinikanth, the First World War, depression and plastic waste
Indian fans of Bollywood star Rajinikanth gather outside a cinema on the first day of release of his new Tamil-language film "Kaala", in Chennai on June 7, 2018. Rajinikanth's film "Kaala" is released on June 7 across the country except in Karnataka as Pro-Kannada groups have been upset with Rajinikanth's remarks on the Cauvery water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. / AFP / Arun SANKAR

I write in reference to your article Film Review: Rajinikanth's latest film Kaala was confused and truly terrible (June 8): Kumar Shyam's comprehensive review of the much talked about Kaala, a new film starring Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, was a very good read.

The film is being released after Rajinikanthannounced his newly formed party will contest the 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly elections, marking his official entry into politics. As a result, the release of Kaala received plenty of reaction from his fans and those interested in his future political career. Reactions to the film itself have been mixed; your review was certainly not favourable. But overall it has really clicked in India, particularly in Chennai. Bollywood stalwart Nana Patekar’s role in the movie was good. Over-advertising raises expectations and does not always yield positive results. But despite all the hurdles, the film got good marks overall.

K Ragavan, Denver

Never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice

I refer to your piece The forgotten Muslim heroes of WWI (June 8): this is a great article. I ask your readers to support Forgotten Heroes, a non-political NGO raising awareness about the Muslim contribution in WWI and purchase the book The Unknown Fallen. You all can make a real difference.

Name withheld by request

Steep cost can stop people seeking help for depression

In reference to Justin Thomas's op-ed Anthony Bourdain's tragic death shows depression has many faces (June 8), I don't know many insurance plans that cover psychiatric care. It would be tragic if the expense of care stopped people from getting help.

Beverly Newell, Ras Al Khaimah

Vulnerability is at the heart of the radicalisation process

I write in reference to your article Abdul Ahad: The Geordie Imam battling extremism (June 8): it is good to see articles like this. ISIS and extremism generally often come about because the individual lacks knowledge and self-confidence in their own abilities of beliefs. When the chinks are there, often their armour will break.

Name withheld by request

Stores need to stop wasting plastic to help save the planet

I refer to your article Here are 5 initiatives currently happening in the UAE to stop plastic pollution (June 8): what we need here is an awareness campaign to educate the public about the great danger plastic poses to our world.

Supermarket employees always look at me like I’m crazy when I refuse to take a plastic bag for things I can easily carry in my hands or pockets.

Said Elbanna, Dubai

This week I went to a couple of fast food restaurants and they were still serving drinks with plastic straws. I gave mine back to them but not everyone will do so. The initiative must come from big companies to stop using one-use plastic.

Shakila Mohammed, Al Ain