Sonia Gandhi helped to keep India together

Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and the party's president, Sonia Gandhi. Sajjad Hussain / AFP
Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and the party's president, Sonia Gandhi. Sajjad Hussain / AFP

In a few days, Sonia Gandhi, the president of the Indian National Congress Party will formally hand over the reins to her son (Congress leadership remains an undisputed Gandhi legacy, December 7).

She has contributed immensely to rebuilding the party and keeping India together. She came to India as the Italian wife of Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 and did not want to enter politics. However after the assassination of her husband, she felt duty bound to politics and the party.

Mrs Gandhi has conducted herself with dignity and aplomb. She has also contributed to the unity of the country by fostering secularism and encouraging able men to manage India.

Managing India with all its multicultural and fissiparous tendencies is a herculean task.

Sonia Gandhi has done an exemplary job in managing her responsibilities.

Rajendra K Aneja, India

Far too many cars are illegally using designated cycle paths

It was so exciting to read about Dubai’s ruler “approving construction for 500km of bicycle lanes and other projects” earlier this year. It would be great if Dubai becomes a greener, healthier city.

So, with the Dubai Canal and bicycle lanes we can all ride safely to work in Business Bay on a designated bicycle path away from vehicles. Or can we?

Every day, my colleagues and I encounter motorbikes and cars driving at speed on those bike paths.

It is a worry that one day this could lead to a tragic accident due to reckless driving.

I understand that cycle paths and cyclists are a new part of Dubai culture and may take a while for them to be truly integrated and part of city life.

However, I just hope that the new cycle paths will become safe environments for people and families to use, enjoy, exercise and commute to work.

Name withheld by request

The FNC has made a smart move over special needs kids

I write in reference to your editorial Improving aid for children with special needs is vital (December 7). Your leader was an interesting read. The Federal National Council’s recommendation of offering financial aid to special needs children is a good move.This country is encouraging people wherever talent is available.

K Ragavan, India

I can’t wait to see Louvre Abu Dhabi’s newest acquisition

I refer to your story on the imminent arrival of Salvator Mundi (Abu Dhabi’s greatest draw, December 8).

What an amazing moment this is for the city of Abu Dhabi. Thank you for all the incredible things that happen in this country, from which we also benefit so much.

I cannot wait to visit Louvre Abu Dhabi again and to see the painting for myself.

Janet Humphrey, Abu Dhabi

Published: December 9, 2017 01:30 PM


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