Shops should not pass on the cost of VAT to consumers

Fog is plaguing the Emirates again today. Pawan Singh / The National
Fog is plaguing the Emirates again today. Pawan Singh / The National

In reference to the upcoming VAT changes in the UAE, detailed in your story VAT in the UAE: a big change is on the way and it makes economic sense (December 5), I am very disappointed to see many businesses announcing a price increase as a result. While some increases are understandable in some cases, many businesses did not pass on the discount to the consumers. Some British retailers were selling items at double the price at which they sold them abroad. Other retail outlets have been passing the discount to the consumer with prices cheaper than the UK price, although that is rare. For this reason I shop abroad instead of in this country. I recently ordered two electrical appliances from the UK, which saved me more than Dhs2,000 (including custom charges). I would prefer to shop within the country to support the local economy and for increased convenience. However, if shops are going to pass on the VAT to the consumers, this should be reduced to a minimum.


The decision to cut the cost of medicines is laudable

I refer to your article Ministry of Health announces 24 per cent price cut on some medicines (December 23). The decision of the Ministry of Health to offer price cuts on medicines is good news. Long-term treatment for cancer, diabetes and joint pains, and the provision of cheaper medicines for bacterial infections and other disorders, will help patients. Medicines are expensive all over the world and this move by the UAE government to help its people is laudable.

K Ragavan, India

Trump's conduct over Jerusalem was un-presidential

In reference to your op-ed Trump said he didn't care about the Jerusalem fallout.Turns out he cares a great deal (December 23), the US president and his proxies threw a hissy fit, telling everyone they were “taking names”.

Erik Wilgenhof Plante

Oman could be made even more beautiful

In response to your article Oman opens sprawling oryx reserve to tourists (December 23), Oman could be made to look even greener with the help of irrigation. Within two years, Oman would be landscaped, which would attract an additional number of tourists.

Victor Rodin, Ukraine

Getting away for Christmas is tough

In response to your story Fog disrupts Christmas Eve flights at Dubai airport (December 24), we were lucky to fly last Thursday.

Violeta Amet, UAE

Enforcing judgments in financial matters

In reference to your story Investor wins reimbursement for Dubai housing project that was never built (December 23), one wonders how to go about enforcing a judgement here. Will the investor have to wait another 10 years and hire lawyers or can he freeze a bank account to get his money?

Suzanne Arruda-Wessel, Abu Dhabi

Updated: December 24, 2017 09:17 PM


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