Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed has truly reassured the nation

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - March 16, 2020: HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces (C), delivers a speech about the UAE’s Covid19 response, during a Sea Palace barza. 

( Hamad Al Kaabi  / Ministry of Presidential Affairs )

Our readers have their say about Aldar Properties, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Cristiano Ronaldo, penguins and finances

I write to you in reference to a video shared on your Facebook page with the following caption: Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed reassures the UAE over food and medical supplies (March 17).

It is really good that Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed is addressing his people through social media and television in these troubled times.

Rasheed Ali, UAE

He is a great man, may he be blessed with good health and a long life.

Raheel Rahim, Dubai

Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed has my full respect and admiration. He has brought tears to our eyes in this video. The level of responsibility and humanity he is showing to his people and country is truly amazing. God bless him.

Mirna Lawandos Malkoun, Beirut

Thank you to the UAE. I am so happy to see all the positive comments on this video. We are all from different countries but we all pay thanks to you, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed.

Christophe Beauclair, Dubai

In times of pandemic, we don't need to hear about celebrities

I write to you in reference to Ian Hawkey's piece Why delaying Euro 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak could prove problematic for Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal (March 17).

Honestly, with everything that has been going on in the world right now, it does not really matter what football event is cancelled or how it will affect Ronaldo's career.

Valentina Ricci Gadioli, Al Ain

Companies must step up in times of crisis

I write to you in reference to Mary Sophia's piece Aldar Properties commits Dh100m to support customers and partners (March 17).

This is a great move. I hope others will follow suit.

Mohammed Hassoun, Abu Dhabi

Animal should not be trapped in zoos and aquariums

I write to you in reference to Sophie Prideaux's article Closed Chicago aquarium allowed its penguins to roam freely and it's the video we all need right now (March 17).

The Chicago aquarium should let the penguins be free and live in their natural habitat not inside glass cages.

Lanie C Sison, Ras Al Khaimah

Helping family should be our top financial priority

I write to you in reference to Nada El Sawy's article Half of UAE working residents say supporting family is their top financial goal this year (March 17). The question is: what has the other half been doing?

Daniel Rose, Dubai