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Sharjah demonstrates a humanitarian spirit by helping the homeless

Sharjah Police officials are working with the consulates to help the men return home on repatriation flights. Courtesy: Sharjah Police
Sharjah Police officials are working with the consulates to help the men return home on repatriation flights. Courtesy: Sharjah Police

With reference to Salam Al Amir's Coronavirus: Sharjah Police rescue homeless workers living on the streets (June 28): this is such a wonderful humanitarian gesture. I have great respect for the ruler of Sharjah.

Jaber Mohammed, Dubai

UAE is the most amazing country. Bless the compassionate leaders.

Shakila Mohammed, Al Ain

Despite the 10 million mark, there is reason to hope

In reference to the report Global coronavirus cases pass 10 million milestone and deaths hit 500,000 (June 28): we need to also celebrate the fact that many hospitals in the UAE are now free of coronavirus. We need to celebrate how the UAE's strategy to fight the virus has been one of the best. Now, finally people are getting out of their homes, feeling less depressed as life slowly begins to return to normal. Let's celebrate that businesses have slowly restarted making money and hoping in a great future in a well-developed country.

Lana Lana, Ontario, Canada

Need more such people fostering animals

With regard to Sarah Maisey's article I've fostered more than 50 animals in 13 years and it is my greatest joy (June 28): this was a good read. Well done to the writer for taking on such necessary work. Do whatever you enjoy and gives you happiness.

JunJie Joey Bao, Dubai

India must do better in treating the deceased with dignity

In reference to the report Coronavirus: uproar in India over treatment of victims' bodies (June 29). Clearly the municipal authorities and hospitals in India and many other developing countries are under severe pressure in view of the sharp spike in Covid-19 cases. The civic and medical resources of many governments are stretched. So, the onus is on the citizens to take the best precautions possible to ensure that they do not get infected. It is important to observe various procedures prescribed by local governments for shopping, office work, etc.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Hand carts are meant to transport goods, not for carrying bodies. This is unacceptable.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Don't glamourise abandoned rabbits

With reference to Emma Day's report Watch: Bunnies abound at Dubai's Al Barsha Pond Park (June 28): I run a rabbit and bird rescue in the UK and I am really tired with the treatment of these poor animals. I was dismayed to see the glamorisation of abandoned domestic rabbits.

Mrs B Ashton, MSc, Cambridgeshire, UK

Updated: June 29, 2020 05:53 PM

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