India's unsparing second wave

Our readers have their say on India's Covid-19 crisis, the George Floyd verdict, UAE's sweet spot in space and Harry's trip back home
A health worker check oxygen cylinders at a makeshift Covid-19 quarantine facility set up in a banquet hall in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. India is now the world’s second worst-hit nation, having overtaken Brazil once again Monday with a sharp jump up in daily new infections. Photographer: T. Narayan/Bloomberg

The UAE has claimed its spot in space

With reference to Sarwat Nasir's article Sarah Al Amiri interview: space will have direct impact on UAE economy in next five years (April 21): the UAE is adding to the list of nations who have represented humanity in space. We have made a permanent mark in history when it comes to space missions. Let's make sure that spot gets larger and that it will permanently expand.

Saif Omar Al Suwaidi, Abu Dhabi

George Floyd case: the courts have delivered justice

With regard to Willy Lowry and Patrick deHahn's report Guilty on all counts: Derek Chauvin convicted in George Floyd's death (April 21): this is good news. Justice has been served.

Anita Radhu, Ontario, Canada

The American judiciary has delivered. Let's hope this verdict becomes a turning point in US history and race relations. This must put an end to police atrocities against the African-American community in the US.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

India's unsparing second wave
With reference to Suhail Akram's report What is behind India's new explosive Covid-19 surge? (April 19): the Indian government has liberalised the vaccine policy this week. Those above the age of 18 in India will be inoculated from 1 May. The key challenge will be to boost production of vaccines exponentially and make the vaccinations a mass movement in the country.

India is a young country, with about 500 million people between the ages of 19 to 44 years. Thus, India needs a billion doses for this age group. Sourcing vaccines and ensuring robust operations at distribution centres is going to be crucial for the country to come out of this.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

The ground reality is even scarier when you keep in mind that the numbers reported are just official figures. There are likely to be many unreported or undetected cases. The shortage of oxygen cylinders in the capital is dire.

Mahesh Khiara, Mumbai, India

Harry's quality time with family

Regarding Nicky Harley's piece Prince Harry and Prince Charles set to take a walk to 'clear the air' (April 19): wishing the Queen a happy birthday and may she live many many more years to come. Harry should be with her on her birthday.

Samuel Njau, Nairobi, Kenya

Harry should spend quality time with his granny. The Queen looked fragile and it's reasonable to think she needs family around her at this time. May she live for many more years to come.

Josephine Raj, London, UK