Bagel ornaments and the lighter side of Christmas

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Our readers have their say on vaccines, Christmas and peace in the world

With reference to Farah Andrews's piece 'It's a part-time job': Pakistani-Canadian Muslim goes viral with funny observations from his 'first proper Christmas' (Dec 21): always interesting to see someone's fresh take on a cultural tradition that many of us take for granted!

Miguel Llorente, Dubai

News of the vaccine comes at a good time

With reference to Gillian Duncan's report First Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines arrive in Dubai (December 23): great news. I am looking forward to details about the experience from people queuing up to get innoculated. The sooner we get the jab, the safer one can feel.

Jacqueline Craig, Abu Dhabi

The UAE government and Emirates Airlines have done a good job and I want to express my gratitude. They have given hope to the people of the UAE. It has been a rough year and this respite is much-needed. May God bless us all. Here's wishing everyone a safe Christmas and a new year filled with joy.

Jeh Conmigo, Dubai

This is a relief. Thank god the vaccine is now available and the year can end on a somewhat positive note. We have something to look forward to. These are strong signs of better days ahead.

Keen Pulido, Abu Dhabi

Brilliant to hear. The timing couldn't be better. We will be able to make plans again, generally move on in life and be hopeful in the coming year when vaccines become available to all.

Gayle Nahomi Recuay, Dubai

The world must come together to fight Covid-19. This disease is the common enemy of mankind. Every vaccine producer should be transparent and submit trial results to the highest scientific and regulatory bodies, to ensure all clearances. Then we can all breathe easy and reconstruct our lives and this world again.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

This is welcome news especially as countries like the UK have shut down again. Let's hope vaccines make it to all parts of the world soon and we can have some degree of normality back.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Above all else, peace in the world 

With reference to the report Kushner lands in Morocco on first official flight from Israel (Dec 22): I am in favour of restoring relationships because it fosters well-being and it is the path to prosperity. Peace is needed for everyone to flourish. We have to focus on making societies better and based on respect and appreciation to ensure peace in the world.

Ajub Fahim, Freiburg, Germany