Road safety reminders are necessary for all

Our readers have their say on ferrying pupils safely to school and back, the UAE's Hindu temple and the cost of Bhutan's tourism drive

School buses leave at the end of the school day on August 29 in Barsha, Dubai. Chris Whiteoak / The National
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An important reminder of road safety

With reference to Salam Al Amir's report Accident-Free Day: No incidents recorded near schools in Dubai (August 29): It amazes me how much effort the police make to make the roads safer, and yet daily I see a minority of drivers risk their own lives and those of others. For example, some people even with children, don't focus on the road ahead but jump in front of others, tailgating even on slower lanes or not using trafficators.

Demos Kyprianou, Dubai

Police need to check also if children are safely restrained in cars and everyone's wearing their seatbelts.

Kay Lancaster, Dubai

Bhutan's beauty and the spectre of tourists

With reference to the report Bhutan halves daily tourist fee in drive to attract more visitors (August 27): A pity the fee has been reduced. Bhutan is a beautiful country with amazing people. And not too many people know that Bhutan uses a part of this tourist fee for education. For a poor country with almost no natural resources, limiting tourist influx is a good thing to do to preserve its beauty.

Jacqueline Duvoisin, Dubai

Bhutan is certainly a very nice place to visit.

Roy R, Kalimpong, India

An example of the UAE's religious tolerance

With regard to Ramola Talwar Badam's report Dubai's Hindu temple connects cultures with 1.6m visits in first year (August 26): I have been there a few times. And every time it has been a blissful experience. The country has time and again set the right precedent, showing remarkable leadership.

Suresh Jagannathan, Kozikhode, India

Good to see such harmony in today's world.

Declan McSweeney, Liverpool, UK

It's lovely that a Muslim country has tolerance and respect for Hindus. It's an admirable example and more nations could learn from this.

Moosa Salma, Pretoria, South Africa

The UAE is great place for living in religious harmony and love.

Abbas Zuhair, Zlin, Czech Republic

Back to school – with no untoward incidents

With reference to the editorial Back to school safely is priority (August 28): This elaborated nicely the feeling at the beginning of a new academic term in the UAE. The main focus on minimising road accidents was important as too often brash driving can have grievous consequences. Nowhere in the world should going to school and returning from it be a dangerous exercise. Many incidents in the past have been a result of carelessness of drivers. Authorities are keen on smooth running and road safety reminders are a good initiative.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: September 01, 2023, 3:00 AM