Do PSG need Messi more than the other way round?

Our readers have their say on Messi's suspension, aid to Sudan, the UK's airport strike, the coronation, F1 and Joe Biden

Paris St Germain's Lionel Messi. Reuters
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With reference to Steven Luckings's piece Lionel Messi suspended by PSG for two weeks over unauthorised trip to Saudi Arabia (May 3): They should have their wages stopped. All these top players think they are bigger than the game itself. Messi is not above the rules of any club.

Jeremy Merrill, Reading, England

The club thinks it is powerful and have the misconception that they can control anything and anybody. After this Messi episode, they should examine their strategy closely because there may be dark days ahead for PSG.

Najmul Ahmed, Ras Al Khaimah

PSG needs him more than Messi needs them.

Hina Patel, Manchester, UK

Hoping for quick aid delivery to Sudan

With regard to Nada AlTaher's report UN says appeals for Sudan aid are $1.5 billion short (May 2): It's terrible to see what's happening in Sudan. I hope the aid quickly reaches the people who need it most, given all the violence and disruption in the country. Hoping for this ceasefire to actually hold.

Brad MacLean, London, Ontario

The UK's untenable airport strike

With regard to Soraya Ebrahimi's report Heathrow security guards to strike on Thursday after pay talks break down (May 4): Wonder when people will realise the country cannot function without all the hard workers out there.

Anne Abercrombie, Rome, Italy

A former F1 driver gone off track

In reference to Soraya Ebrahimi's article Nikita Mazepin: Russian former F1 driver takes UK sanctions fight to High Court (May 3): I support Mazepin. He missed the 2022 season and will probably have to skip the 2023 season. But as a racer, in my view, he's actually better than Hamilton who is now too old. Mazepin can probably win race with anyone if a team just gives him a chance, maybe Williams or Alfa Romeo can consider it. I wish Mazepin all the success.

Jean-Yves Malapa, Kribi, Cameroon

Age is just a number for Biden

About Tom Watkins's op-ed Too old or just well seasoned? Biden tackles criticism of his age (May 1): Joe Biden has always been underestimated and the great thing is it doesn't matter to him.

Lauren Vaughan, Negril, Jamaica

Fans await the King's coronation

With regard to Gillian Duncan's report Meet the royal super fans camping out for 10 days to see coronation procession (May 2): I can't wait to see and watch it live on television and witness the new version of royalty.

Josie Perea, California, US

Published: May 05, 2023, 3:00 AM