The road ahead for Rishi Sunak

Our readers have their say about Rishi Sunak, spiders that lift weight, and Kanye West's entitlement and cancellation

Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak leaves 10 Downing Street for the House of Commons for his first Prime Minister's Questions in London, Wednesday, Oct.  26, 2022.  Sunak was elected by the ruling Conservative party to replace Liz Truss who resigned.  (AP Photo / Frank Augstein)
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With regard to Soraya Ebrahimi's article New UK PM Rishi Sunak takes to world stage and starts round of calls with global leaders (October 26): I'm not sure I understand how he's considered to be of Indian origin. His grandparents were from Gujranwala, now in Pakistan. His parents are from Kenya and he himself is from the UK.

Tahyr Wazeer, Islamabad, Pakistan

The developments in UK politics this week have been stunning, not just for Indians who have been celebrating all week. The new British Prime Minister's assurances to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in their first call are laudable. But Rishi Sunak has tough challenges in front of him domestically. He has to fix inflation, people's living standards, the education sector and make the streets safe. The state of the British economy is possibly his toughest task. He has to revive it and bring normality back to Britain, which is what will prove his mettle. This is not going to be easy. However, I believe he has it in him to deliver on this extensive mandate and make the British people happy in the coming weeks and months.

And lastly, I would like to add that it is indeed a proud moment for 1.3 billion Indians that a person of Indian origin now occupies the prestigious office of 10 Downing Street. This should be recognised for the amazing feat it is. The success of countless Indians is already acknowledged in the global scenario, in all walks of life. And I have faith that Rishi Sunak will be no different.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

The value of spiders

With reference to Suhail Akram's video Engineers turn dead spiders into mechanical grippers (October 26): this is incredible. I like how they are using this technology to help paraplegics and those suffering from nervous system diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Said Elbanna, Cheviot, Ohio, US

Kanye West's troubled entitlement

With reference the report Kanye West escorted out of Skechers California headquarters after showing up unannounced (October 27): That is the world we live in. People like Kanye West seem to think they have more power over others and feel entitled. Now that brands such as Adidas have finally let him go, an example is set. Twitter and Instagram did well to show him the door. It must be quite a reality check for him to be cancelled by the likes of Foot Locker, Gap, TJ Maxx, JPMorgan and more. There should be no place in the world for discriminatory and anti-Semitic remarks.

Muhsin Abubakar Jamal, Tanga, Tanzania

Published: October 28, 2022, 2:00 AM